Infrastructure of Mysore

Infrastructure of Mysore comprises of a wide gamut of civic amenities such as sanitation, solid waste management, water supply as well as transport network. The governing authorities of Mysore are taking major initiatives to further develop the state of infrastructural facilities in the city.

In the recent past the local bodies of Mysore have made an organized proposal which included the road infrastructure, sanitation, water supply and solid waste management issues. The infrastructure of any place is a vital indicator of its development and growth. On realizing such an importance of the infrastructure the Government of Karnataka has chalked out a plan for the construction of an airport in Mysore.

Mandakalli is the proposed place where the airport with two runways is to be built in Mysore. As per one government declaration the airport of Mysore will start functioning by the year 2009. The road infrastructure of Mysore is quite developed and links the place with Bangalore. Since Bangalore is one of the popular and easily reachable cities of India hence from here one can conveniently arrive at Mysore. The frequency of buses that ply from Bangalore to Mysore is quite good and tourists can also enjoy the scenic pleasures of the surroundings while taking a bus ride.

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