Tippu Sultan

Known as the Tiger of Mysore, the full name of Tippu Sultan was Sultan Fateh Ali Tippu. The first son of Hyder Ali, Tippu Sultan, the Tiger of Mysore, was born in the year 1750. After the death of Hyder Ali, Tippu Sultan, became the de facto ruler of Mysore. Known to be a learned man, Tippu Sultan was a poet as well as an able soldier. Although a devout Muslim, the Tiger of Mysore was tolerant towards other religions and even built a church on the request of the French.

Tippu Sultan was an efficient ruler and took care of the welfare of the state. He was the one to initiate the construction of a dam on the Cauvery River. He also built a number of roads, public buildings, and ports for the convenience of the local people. Tippu Sultan induced trading and economic activities and under him Mysore trade activities extended to Afghanistan, France, Sri Lanka, Turkey and Iran.

Tippu Sultan, the Tiger of Mysore also went on to build a strong army and under him the Mysore Army was an example for all the other Indian Princely States. Tippu Sultan who had accompanied his father Hyder Ali in the First Anglo Mysore War was already showing traits of a great military leader. These traits acquired their fullest form when he led the Army of Mysore in the Second Anglo Mysore War.

In the following battles of Pollilur and the other Anglo Mysore Wars that followed, Tippu Sultan proved himself to be the Tiger of Mysore. In the Fourth Anglo Mysore War he fought with the British till his last breath and was not ready to give up. Tippu Sultan, the true Tiger of Mysore and a worthy son of the soil had set an example for all the other Princely States of India.

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