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Kolkata City Map

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Kolkata Map
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*Kolkata city Map showing roads, hotels, hospitals and other places of interest. Disclaimer

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West Bengal - Kolkata city

Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal,India and is one of the metropolitan cities in India. It is located in the eastern Indian and is situated on the bank of the river Hooghly. Fondly known as the "City of Joy", Kolkata is home to many personalities like Mother Teresa, Rabindranath Tagore, Satyajit Ray and Subhash Chandra Bose.

Kolkata is located at 22.82 degree North 88. 20 degree east. It is spread on the banks of Hooghly River and has an elevation of 17 feet. The total area of Kolkata is 1480 square kilometers. The Sundarbans delta separates Kolkata from the Bay of Bengal.

The city is divided into various topographical regions and five units namely the west, east, south, north and the central Kolkata. The regions adjoining the city are Hooghly, Howrah, south 24 Parganas, North 24 Parganas and the Nadia.

About Kolkata

Visitors need to take a look at the maps to know the exact location of the city and its vast area to reach the destination quickly. Hooghly River flows for around 15 kilometers along the western part of Kolkata. Kolkata is the second largest city in India and is recognized as a cosmopolitan city with people coming from various cultures, states and religions live together. Kolkata has enormous opportunities in various fields like technology, industry, education, tourism and many more.

There are people visiting Kolkata from all parts of the world. Kolkata is a vast city, which needs a good map to carry with for visitors. The city also has its metro, which can help people in communicating faster. The city has many important places like Belur, Subhashnagar, Mirzapur, Garia and many more. Those wanting to visit these places can take the highway that runs all across the city and also outside. Kolkata also has many religious places that are good attractions for the visitors like St. Thomas Church, Jain Maniktala, Jain Belgachhiya, Gurudwara, and many more. There are plenty of hotels all over Kolkata that come in all ranges. There are seven star, five star and also budget hotels for tourists. The map here provides details of various hotels that visitors might be interested in. the Hyatt Regency, ITC Sonar, Oberoi Grand, The Golden Park, Hindustan international and the Ashoka are a few prominent hotels.

The language spoken here is mostly Bengali; the other languages spoken are Hindi, English and a few others as well. People of all religion reside in Kolkata including Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians.

Transport in Kolkata

Kolkata has modern as well as old transport means of communication. Kolkata being a metropolitan city has all the modern transport system and is well connected to the rest of the country as well as the world. It has a good network of roads and national highways, where you see lots of cars, buses, taxis and also auto rickshaws. Kolkata is famous for its tram network. It is also the only city that has trams. Rickshaws pulled by men are also a common sight here. The fares are reasonable and are good for short distance use only.

The Kolkata Metro is a very convenient mode of travel and is used by million to travel from one part of the city to the other. It is trusted by locals as well as the tourists. It is an underground railway network, which is the first one in India. It begins from Dum Dum in the north and continues to go to Park Street and the Esplanade and further onto Tollygunge in the south.

For visitors it is better to carry a map and follow the routes of the metro as it can take you to places like Shyam Bazar, Belgachia, Chandni Chowk, Rabindra Sadan, Netaji Bhavan, Jatin Das Park, central, Girish Park, Mahatam Gandhi road and Shova Bazar.

The Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport is to the north of the city and was earlier known as Dum Dum airport. It is situated around 17 km from the city center. Various flights take off to various cities in India and also to the other parts of the world.

Places to visit

There are innumerable places that are of interest to today's tourists. The old building structure of the British Raj is still a very admirable work. Visit the salt lake stadium, which is the second largest stadium in the world. The Victoria memorial is a very stunning beauty. The other places are the Marble Palace, Eden Garden cricket Stadium, Esplanade, Park Street, Zoological Garden and Botanical Garden.

All these can be reached with the map provided here for the visitor's convenience.

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