Central University of Jammu & Kashmir

The Central University of Jammu & Kashmir was set up through the special initiative by the MHRD of the Indian Government. The Government of India in its XI Five Year Plan decided to set up fifteen Central Universities in all those states which does not have any university. It is through this that the Government wants to provide the country with good quality of higher education to the country.

CUJK came into existence through the Central Universities Act, 2009. CUJK will extend its jurisdiction to Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. The Vice-Chancellor of the University is Prof. Abdul Wahid.

Objectives of Central University of Jammu & Kashmir

  • Distribution of knowledge in different fields of learning through instruction and research
  • Making provision for various integrated courses in Social Sciences, Humanities, Science, and Technology etc
  • Adopting innovations and promoting the same in the teaching and learning methods
  • Provide proper education and training to the people for the growth of India
  • Promoting Technology and Science
  • Taking care of the welfare and overall development of the people from social to economic
The vision of the Central University of Jammu & Kashmir is to develop as an institution of excellence, ensure high standard of education, laying stress on both traditional and modern courses. The University will also adopt the ‘Economic Reform Models’ and thus lay stress upon elements like quality faculty, transparency in admission process, effective semester system and Choice Based Credit Systems, interactive teaching-learning method, objective evaluation etc.

CUJK aims at maims at maintaining an “All India Character” and thereby wants to absorb students from not only India but from other nations as well. Among the current activities that the University is focusing on is the preparation of statutes, ordinance, regulations, etc so that they can be placed in front of the competent and relevant authorities of CUJK. Further it is also busy identifying the areas where education is needed and where various academic programmes can be launched by the University. Several post graduate and research programmes will be undertaken by the University.

With the establishment of the Central University of Jammu & Kashmir, the education and development of the state and its people is expected to rise considerably.

Last Updated on : March 30, 2016