Central University of Tamil Nadu

The inauguration of the Central University of Tamilnadu took place on 30th September, 2009 at Collectorate Master Plan Complex, Thiruvarur. It was inaugurated� by Kapil Sibal, the Union minister of Human Resource Department and was presided over by M. Karunanidhi, the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu.

In pursuance of an Act of Parliament, the Central University of Tamil Nadu came into existence in the year 2009. The University campus is situated at Tiruvarur. 500 acres of area has been identified in 2 revenue villages for the establishment of CUTN. A multi-storey building of about 55000 square feet will be provided by the Government of Tamil Nadu for the temporary campus of the University where academic programmes will be launched and other planning for development of the university will take place.

Efforts are also being made for a residential building for the camp office of the Central University of Tamil Nadu and also temporary accommodation for the Vice Chancellor, Prof. BP Sanjay. Elementary Office, Computers etc has also been purchased besides net connectivity and landline for this Central University.

Aim and Vision

The Central University of Tamil Nadu believes in maintaining the following standards while developing itself as a premier institution for higher education and all round development of the people.
  • Access
  • Equality
  • Participation
  • Quality Education
Academic Programmes of the Central University of Tamil Nadu
  • Integrated Courses at plus 2 level (core general subject, language etc)

  • Master's programmes in the usual subjects with stress on Humanities, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Computer Science, Basic and Applied Sciences. The Central University of Tamil Nadu will initially start with Tamil, Sociology, History, English and Economics, and later with laboratory and other equipments being outfitted, courses on Technology and Science will also be introduced.

  • Post graduate Diploma Courses (Focus will be on ‘finishing school skills’, community orientation and retail trade, employment enhancement courses)

  • MPhil and PhD programmes (Efforts will also be made to send the scholars to other educational institutions for course work on credit transfer basis.)

Some of the Departments of the Central University of Tamil Nadu are
  • School of Social Sciences and Humanities
  • School of Basic and Applied Science
  • School of Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Centre for disaster management.
Last Updated on : March 28, 2016

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