Gurukul Kangri University Haridwar

Situated in the religious city of Haridwar, the Gurukul Kangri University Haridwar is one of the most deemed universities of the country. The university is noted for the traditional system of education that it imparts to its students. The institute was established by Swamy Shradhanand during the reign of British in India. The college was established as a retort to the famed speech delivered by Lord Macaulay that deprived the Indian system of education, culture and tradition of the country.

Gurukul Kangri University in Haridwar is situated in a picturesque location along the banks of the holy River Ganga. The educational institute was awarded the status of a university in the year 1962 by the Government of India. The university offers courses on the ancient subjects like Medic literature, philosophy, oriental subjects and Sanskrit. Along with these, subjects like modern sciences are also available for the students who are affiliated to the university. In the founding age of the university, its far fetched repute attracted several eminent personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, the British Trade union leader Mr. C.F.A.Andrews and the then British Prime Minister Mr Mac Donald.

Of the various colleges and universities in Haridwar, the Gurukul Kangri University of Haridwar has earned its repute in the international arena. The present Chancellor of the university is Pt. Sudarshan Sharma while Prof. Svatantra Kumar is the University Vice Chancellor.

Last Updated on : March 28, 2016