Hyderabad Visa Consulates

Hyderabad is a thriving IT hub in India and is well recognized for its rich lifestyle. It has also posted a considerable growth in other industrial sectors, which is undoubtedly commendable. It is owing to these that a considerable increase has been noticed in visa applications. Some prefer to travel to a foreign destination to pursue academic courses; some wish to spend their holidays in a foreign destination; or some want to migrate to a foreign destination for work related issues. Reasons are many and to meet their demands the High Commissions of different countries like US, UK, Iran and Canada have opened Visa Consulates in Hyderabad. The Hyderabad Visa Consulates ensure smooth and quick visa processing services to the applicants.

About Hyderabad Visa Consulates

If you want to apply for visa to US, UK, Canada, Iran or Australia, you don't need to go to the high commissions. Rather, you can visit their visa centers in Hyderabad to avail a desired visa to a desired destination.

Some of the visa centers in Hyderabad are listed below:
  • Canadian High Commission's VFS Visa Application Center in Hyderabad

  • US Consulate office in Hyderabad

  • German Application Centre in Hyderabad

  • UK Visa Application Centre in Hyderabad

  • Australian Visa Application Centre (VAC) in Hyderabad

  • Iran Consulate Hyderabad
Types of Visa Services offered by Hyderabad Visa Consulates

The Visa Consulates in Hyderabad offer excellent range of consular visa services to the applicants/ travelers. Some of these are mentioned below.

Airport entry or transit visa

  • Travelers, who intend to travel through a particular destination such as Iran, Canada, UK or US, are issued this kind of visas.
Residence Permit

  • There are two kinds of residence permits given to a traveler. These include permanent residence and temporary residence permits. The permanent residence visa is given to a foreigner, who intends to make foreign destination such as Iran, UK or US a place of domicile in legal manner. Otherwise, it is considered as temporary. These visas can be renewed or extended.
Student Visa

  • Student Visa is offered to the foreign nationals, who aspire to pursue any academic course in the foreign destination. Care is taken that the application is processed quickly.
Transit Visa

  • The validity of this visa is for a limited period of time. This visa is required when an applicant has to stopover in a particular country to reach the third country.
Entry or transit Visa for drivers Carrying cargo

  • This type of transit visa is issued to any foreign driver, who wants to transport cargo to any particular foreign destination.
Tourist And Pilgrimage Visa

  • This type of visa is issued to an applicant, who wants to travel to a particular foreign destination for leisure purpose or to meet family and friends.
Work permit visa

  • The Hyderabad Visa Consulates offer work permits to the foreign nationals, who wish to work in a foreign destination.
Entry Visa

  • This type of visa is issued by visa consulates in Hyderabad to an applicant, who wants to visit a particular foreign destination for business purposes, trade deals, issues pertaining to work, or sport activities. Those who want to participate in any economic or cultural seminars/ conferences need to avail this visa.
Press Visa

  • Press Visa is issued to the foreign nationals, who have to travel to a particular foreign destination to cover news or events.
Extension of Visa

  • Visa extension applications in the domain of entry or tourist and pilgrimage visas are subject to approval of the concerned bureau and valid reasons.

Last Updated on : 17/08/2013