IT Companies in Hyderabad

Role of the Information Technology in India

Information Technology in India is a crucial part of the economy in the 21st century. Since the boom of the software industry towards the end of the 20th century saw a growth of job openings in various IT and IT enabled companies in India. Additionally India also looked forward to a chunk of outsourcing job being delegated to its newly established companies. Software exports to different countries were looked upon with great prospects because of the presence of some of the best people in the Indian software development sector.

Background of the Hyderabad IT companies

The role played by the Hyderabad IT companies in the growth of the software industry in India has been an important one. Since 1990, Hyderabad has seen a steady growth of IT companies establishing their offices and headquarters in the city. The growth of the software industry has even led to the establishment of an IT Park called HITEC City. In this IT Park there are many renowned national as well as multinational companies that have established base in India through Hyderabad.

Types of IT Companies in Hyderabad

The software companies of Hyderabad are related to the following
  • IT companies - These companies are mainly involved in the development of various software programs for various industrial sectors. Companies in this category are both Indian as well as multinational conglomerates who have established base in India. They cater to the demands of both the domestic as well as international market. Thus this segment of the Hyderabad IT companies plays a major role in earning export revenues for the government.

  • ITES companies - ITES is better known as IT enabled services. They are also popularly known as the BPO companies (Business Process Outsourcing). These companies mainly deal in operations of the parent company dealing with a particular product or service. This segment of the software industry forms a big part of the Hyderabad IT companies. Both Indian and international companies are a part of this group of IT companies.

  • Computer Hardware companies - There are several reputed brands of computer hardware companies that are a part of the Hyderabad IT companies. Some of the companies are international brands that have established base in the conducive environs of Hyderabad IT industry in a bid to expand their sales network in India.

Role of the Government

The role of the State government in the growth and development of the software industry in Hyderabad has been a crucial one. Companies received due invitation from the government to come to Hyderabad and set up base for their operations in India. Land allocations were done in specific areas for the companies and this was furthermore followed by the establishment of an IT Park called HITEC City in Hyderabad that allowed companies to build up their companies with state of the art structures and modern amenities.

Major IT companies in Hyderabad

The following are some of the renowned names of Hyderabad IT companies that has established base in the city.
  • Google Inc - A leading name in Internet search engines, Google's functional areas apart from search engine operations include online mapping services, free web mail services, advertising and social networking among others.

  • IBM - IBM (International Business Machines) IBM is a multinational company based out of U.S.A and deals in areas of IT consultations, software development and hardware.

  • Infosys Technologies Limited - One of the leading Indian owned multinational company, Infosys is based out of Bangalore in Karnataka. It is a major player in IT consulting and service provider.

  • Hewlett-Packard Company - One of the largest IT companies in the world, HP deals in computer hardware as well as storage and networking software development.

  • Microsoft Corporation - A leader in the realm of software development, Microsoft Corporation functions as a developer of software program packages for almost all industrial sectors.

  • Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS) - TCS is an IT venture of the Tata group of Companies in India. Its headquarters are in Mumbai. Mainly dealing in providing information technology services TCS has also diversified in the area of outsourcing services over the years.

  •, Inc. - This Company is based in Seattle, U.S.A. It deals mainly with online commerce and retailing. The products range books, clothing, furniture, food, toys to even DVDs and video games.

Future of the Hyderabad IT companies

Despite the boom of the Hyderabad IT companies along with those in other parts of the country the economic recession had resulted in rough times for this industry. The slowdown in the US as well as the European economies had affected the progress of many Indian companies.

Faced with the threat of a closure some of the companies tried option of cost cutting as a result of which many lost their jobs. All further recruitments to these companies were also stopped.

However things are brightening up with the recession being officially declared as over. Companies are again recruiting along with adequate retention.

It may therefore be safely concluded that the Hyderabad IT companies are headed for a positive and futuristic growth owing to favorable times and favorable environment that the city has successfully provided the companies from around the world.

Last Udated on 19/08/2013