Ballygunge at Kolkata is a popular shopping spot for shopaholics. Ballygunge is the gateway to the south of Kolkata city.

There is an air conditioned shopping complex situated in Ballygunge, commonly known as Ballygunge New Market. This market is one of the prime shopping markets of Ballygunge.

Some features of Ballygunge New Market:

  • All kinds of commodities like leather goods, confectionery, garments, toys, flowers and fabrics are available in this market at a reasonable rate.

  • Buyers can bargain while shopping in Ballygunge New Market.

    The people of Ballygunge are at an advantage because the Gariahat market is very closely located to Ballygunge. The hawkers sell variety of items including clothes, bags, fancy footwear and other kinds of accessories. The streets here are always overcrowded. The place looks to be in a festive mood throughout the year. The famous Gariahat Mall is a favorite with the youngsters.

    Ballygunge shopping area consists of major shops of both national and international brands. This part of the city is a shopper's delight. Almost everything under the sun is available at the Ballygunge shopping area. Moreover, since it is a posh area of Kolkata, many new brands are coming up in the area with their outlets.

    The Gucci Fashion Valley and the Trader's Assembly are the prime shopping destinations located within a close proximity of Ballygunge. Shopping in Ballygunge market is surely going to be a pleasurable experience. In order to avoid the hot and humid weather of Kolkata, you can also step into the air-conditioned shops in the Ballygunge shopping area.

  • Last Updated on 25 October 2012