Kolkata is a shopper's paradise for it is the hub of major shopping areas like Gariahat, Esplanade, Ballygunge and so on. Besides, Sealdah is one of the popular shopping areas of Kolkata. Sealdah lies in the central part of Kolkata.

Sealdah in Kolkata, West Bengal has got a number of fabric stores, ready to wear garment shops, home appliance stores, gift stores and many more. The main markets of Sealdah are Kolay Market and Sisir Market. One can get all kinds of commodities in these markets of Sealdah. Kolay market is a famous vegetable and fish market of Sealdah. For shopping in Sealdah, one needs to have a lot of patience for it is a busy area and is always crowded.

Some features of Sealdah Market:

  • The reasonable price of the commodities attracts the people to the shopping area of Sealdah.
  • The market of Sealdah is always full because of the Sealdah railway station located adjacent to it.
  • Since the goods are available at a reasonable rate, people from the lower strata of the society can also afford to shop in the Sealdah market.
  • Bargaining is a compulsory while shopping in Sealdah.
  • A number of hawkers are seen with their cane basket selling a variety of commodities.

    Hawkers bellow their wares at the Sealdah shopping area. Even hawkers from other parts of West Bengal comes to the Sealdah shopping market to sell their goods. Sealdah shopping represents the microcosm of the local east Indian culture.

    But be aware of the pickpocketers while you shop in Sealdah market.

  • Last Updated on 25 October 2012