Shyam Bazar, Kolkata

Map of Shyam Bazar

Shyam Bazar Map
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Shyam Bazar is a locality of North Kolkata. Shyam Bazar is one of the oldest localities in Kolkata.

Shyam Bazar forms part of the original Kolkata that was established approximately 300 years ago. At that time Shyam Bazar was the part of the city where the natives (Indians) used to live. At one time in Kolkata's history, Shyam Bazar was regarded as the border of the city. In contemporary Kolkata, Shyam Bazar occupies a central position in the city map!

The area of Shyam Bazar exhibits an unique character which is characteristic of very old north Kolkata localities. The place is crowded with grand old houses which seem to be glued to each other with no space between them! The roads of Shyam Bazar are narrow with residential houses on both sides.

Shyam Bazar is one of the most interesting localities in Kolkata. Other than its colonial buildings, the markets of the area contributes to the laid back atmosphere of the place. The markets sell a wide variety of goods at reasonable prices. The notable markets of the Shyam Bazar region includes the Madhab Chandra Mullick Market and Harisala Market.

Shyam Bazar have a number of cinema halls. Cinema halls like Radha, Star, Sree and Biswaroopa does roaring business in Shyam Bazar.

Shyam Bazar is 7 kilometers distant from the Kolkata center. Shyam Bazar can be easily accessed from every part of Kolkata. Shyam Bazar has an underground metro station which provides a direct connection to the southern part of the city. Shyam Bazar also have excellent public bus services.

Last Updated on 25 October 2012