Metals and Minerals

Metals and Minerals have a huge reserve in Mumbai and contribute considerably towards the income generation of the city. There are a number Mineral ores and Metal extraction plants in and around Mumbai. The diversified range of ferrous/non-ferrous alloys and Mineral units meets the industrial need of the city.

Metals and Mineral. While some companies facilitates extraction work by supplying required equipments, some other help in marketing and even outsourcing of the finished product derived from the processing of the Mineral and Metals.

A major number of local people are employed by the Metals and Mineral companies for various ore extraction, metal casting, transportation and delivery works. This helps in boosting up the economic status of the city.

Iron, aluminium and stainless steel have a large market in Mumbai. With an organized set up, the metals and minerals industries of the city act as the prime catalyst in the industrial development of Maharashtra.

The significant Metals and Minerals outlets that supply the inputs required for various manufacturing works are:
  • Metal Industrial Corporation
  • Syndicate Metal and Alloys
  • A to z Steel distributors
  • A.Z. Metal Industries
  • Alco Steels Pvt. Ltd
  • Aristo Metal Industries
  • Associated Aluminium Industries (P) Ltd
  • Atlas Steel Corporation
  • UCA Lanks Pvt. Ltd
  • Tube Tech Industries
  • Industrial Minerals
  • Selective Minerals and Color Industries Pvt. Ltd.
  • Kings International
  • Silica Products (P) Associates
  • Vinayaka Minerals Mining Industries
  • Paradise Minerals

Last Updated on 24 May 2013