Plastics and Rubber in Mumbai

Mumbai, the commercial nerve center of our country is famous for different kinds of Plastics and Rubber products. Maharashtra is one of the leading producer of rubber in the country. The easy availability of raw material makes it easier for the various industrial houses to produce rubber and the related products. Mumbai also exports the various plastics and rubber products which helps the city to earn handsome revenues.

There are many plastics and rubber manufacturing units in Mumbai. Some of the notable one's are:
  • Bang Data Forms Private Ltd-This company produces plastic bags, Polypropylene Bags, Polythyelene bags and HDPE sacks and woven sacks

  • Soulution4u- It produces miscellaneous plastics and rubber products

  • Bright International- The company produces bucket, mugs and storage bins

  • PVN Plastic Industries- This enterprise produces plastics, PVC and PU products, plastic bags and polythyelene bags

  • Mohan Polymer- This is one of the leading manufacturing company of Rubber compounds, rubber linings, rubber tubes and rubber pads

  • Daman Polyfabs- The company specializes in exporting HDPE bags, lamination fabrics and many other rubber and plastic products

  • PPI Blow Pack Pvt Ltd- This company specializes in producing and manufacturing plastic and rubber products like plastic caps, plastic bottles, polythyne bags and plastic closures

The city of Mumbai organizes different fairs and festivals where the leading manufacturing companies put up their stalls to promote their products. The "Plastic Rubber Expo" fair which is held annually gives all the leading industries and manufactures of plastic and rubber products an opportunity to display the latest and best products of their company.

Rubber and plastics are very important industries of our country which helps India to earn lots of foreign money and thus strengthen its economy.

Last Updated on 24 May 2013