Tools, Equipments and Instruments in Mumbai

The 'Tools, Equipments and Instruments' industry is one of the flourishing industry of the state. Mumbai has numerous factories and industries, that requires many tools, equipments and instruments. The city has many industries that cater to the primary industries. The industries that produces the tools, equipments and instruments are the secondary industries of Mumbai. This secondary industries provides the primary industries with important machineries and other related goods.

Some of the notable industries that produces 'Tools, Equipments and Instruments' are:
  • Tharamal Exports- This company is famous for producing Flavours and Aromatics, Barcodes, Compressors and allied equipments, Power Generators, Alternators, Inverters and Pumps and Pumping equipments

  • Shubh Impex - This company specializes in Miscellaneous Chemicals, Audio- Video Products and Supplies, Glassware and Glass products, and Laboratory equipments

  • Karishma Pharma Machines - The company produces Laboratory and Lab Testing equipments, Packaging and Lamination machinery, and Pharmaceutical machinery and equipment

  • Indo Europa Trading Company Private Limited - This company is famous for manufacturing cutting tools and related items, Miscellaneous Plants and Machinery, Printing and Allied Machinery and Packaging and Lamination Machinery

  • Lovsons Exports Ltd - This company specializes in producing Spices and Derivates, Miscellaneous Automobile Parts, Components and Equipments, and Auto Electrical Parts and Equipments

  • AM International - This company specializes in producing Miscellaneous Plants and Machinery, Strapping Machines, Sealing Machines and Equipments, and Measuring Machine and Equipments

  • Vibronics Pvt Ltd - This company produces Instrumentation and Control Equipments, Miscellaneous Electrical and Electronic Items, Miscellaneous Industrial and Engineering Goods ans Services

The 'Tools, Equipments and Instruments' industries are the backbone of the other industries. The secondary industries are the backbone of any economy that helps a country to progress and reach towards the ultimate phase of development.

Last Updated on 24 May 2013