Textiles and Furnishings in Mumbai

The city of Mumbai offers one with an wide array of choice of the latest in Textile and Furnishings. Mumbai can be said to be the "Paradise" for those who love shopping. Maharashtra is one of the main cotton producing state of India. Cotton textiles are therefore available in ample quantity in the commercial city of India.

Now-a-days most people opt for interior decorations to make their house look beautiful. Mumbai is the perfect place for those who wants to buy accessories for their houses. Be it the furnitures or curtains, bedsheets or cushion covers, light lamps or designer fans, Mumbai provides everything at very reasonable prices. The city is full of big and small shops where one can satisfy his or her search of decorative goods for their houses.

Mumbai is also a "Heaven" for those who want to buy the latest trendy clothes. The various malls offers one with a wide range of clothes to chose from. Cotton textile goods are most common in Mumbai because of easy availability of raw material. However if one has a fascination for some other textile, then Mumbai is again the best place.

Some of the notable Textile and Furnishing Companies of Mumbai are:
  • Sam Inc- This company specializes in ladies apparel and garments, Silk Fabrics, Saris, men apparel and garments, and artificial jewelleries

  • Krishna Alkali Bombay Pvt Ltd- This company specializes in Fashion and designer bags, Silk Fabrics and scarves

  • Mahadjoo and Sons- This company manufactures all kinds of items related to interior decoration like furnitures, carpets, curtains and Jute handicrafts

Textiles and Furnishings is a flourishing business in Mumbai which helps the state to earn handsome revenues.

Last Updated on 24 May 2013