Aati Festival in Mangalore

Aati festival in Mangalore is one of the regional festivals of the territory. The Aati festival of Mangalore is celebrated by the Nalke community of Mangalore as a reverence to Kalanja, a minor spirit.

The Nalke community in Mangalore believes in spirit. In fact, the Nalke community of Mangalore believes that Kalanja, who is a minor spirit, protects the village folks during the Aati month, according to the Tulu calendar. Aati month, which is also known as Aashadha in the lunar calendar, is considered to be the most unfavorable month. During this time, the evil spirits are said to come alive. The Kalanja protects the villages in Mangalore from the bad omens of the evil spirits. The Aati festival of Mangalore is celebrated during the Aati months. The festivities commence from 17th July and continue till 15th August.

Moreover, the Aati festival in Mangalore is marked by a ritualistic dance. Aatikalanja is a ritualistic dance that is performed during the Aati festival at Mangalore. Aatikalanja is a typical Mangalorean dance that characterizes the festivities of the Aati festival. People clad in typical attire, dance to the rhythm of drums. It is a common belief that the people who participate in the Aatikalanja dance frees his house from the evil spirits and lives a happy life.

Besides, the Aatikalanja also calls for a lot of preparations. The performer of the dance dresses themselves in an unusual fashion. The face of the dancers is colored in shades of black and gray; whereas a red tooth-brush is used as the moustache. In fact, it is mandatory for the dance performers to look preposterous.

Last Updated on 21 September 2011