Udupi Cuisine

Udupi Cuisine is one of the most famous South Indian cuisines. The cuisine is named so after the name of the city Udupi which is situated in the south west coast of Karnataka. The main ingredients used in the preparation of various Udupi dishes are vegetables, grains, beans, coconut and fruits.

A remarkable feature of the cuisine of Udupi is that it follows the strict tradition of vegetarian food and does not even allow onions and garlic to be used. But people can use the same procedure with the non vegetarian items.

The main contribution of Udupi to the South Indian recipes is that of Masala Dosa. Though it has been the origin of many other south Indian dishes, but the famous of all the Udupi cuisine in South India is the Masala Dosa.

Following is the list of some of the special Udupi recipes available in Mangalore:

are an essential part of Udupi cuisine. One can try out dishes made of raw banana, jackfruit, pumpkin, breadfruit, etc. Pelakai halwa of jackfruits and Kashi halva of pumpkins are two very popular Udupi dishes.

Last Updated on 21 September 2011