Mogaveeras are one of the most important communities that are found in the Mangalore city of Karnataka in the southern part of India. The Mogaveeras in South India are a major name in the fishing industry of the coastal regions of the state of Karnataka.

The Mogaveeras mainly speak two different languages. These are the Tulu and the Kannada languages. All the Mogaveeras have not stayed back in their native land and have spread across the length and breadth of the country to cities like Mumbai and Bangalore. In fact, the people of the Mogaveera community are the very first travelers from Udupi to Saurastra, Colombo, Gujarat and Mumbai.

The Mogaveera community of Mangalore is widely known in the region as one of the strongest communities in the region. The people who belong to this group of South India have very strong community bonds and resolve any kind of problem that arises amongst them. They never break away from the community.