George Fernandes

George Fernandes was born on June 3, 1930 in Mangalore in the Indian state of Karnataka. He was elected as a member of the 14th Lok Sabha of India. George Fernandes is also a member of the highly influential, Janata Dal (United) Party. The name of the constituency that he represents is Muzaffarpur. He has gained immense fame and glory as a defender of Indian liberties and the protector of workers’ rights as well.

Significant achievements of George Fernandes include:-

  • He was a trade union activist.
  • He was also the defense minister in the National Democratic Alliance Government that had existed between 1998 and 2004.
Post completion of his education in Mangalore, George Fernandes of Mangalore was sent to a seminary near Bangalore at the behest of his father. But, young George did not like to be trained in priesthood and rebelled against the authorities.

After coming to Mumbai, George Fernandes from Mangalore had to bear with numerous hardships. But the turning point of his career came when he decided to stand in the 1967 election. It was the Samyukta Socialist party that had offered a party ticket to him to stand against Sadashiv Kanoji Patil. Although the odds were stacked against him, George Fernandes convincingly defeated the elite politician.

After the emergency of 1975, Smt. Indira Gandhi’s Congress Party suffered a heavy defeat at the hands of the Janata party coalition under the leadership of Shri Moraji Desai. George Fernandes was elected as the Union Minister for Industries. Later, he was made the Railways Minister in VP Singh’s Government. Then in 1994, he broke away from the Janata Dal and created the Samata Party. He was also the Defence Minister when The Kargil War broke between India and Pakistan.

Last Updated on 21 September 2011