Bhuta Kola

Bhuta Kola is an ancient form of spirit worship practiced by the people of Mangalore. Bhuta Kola is celebrated by the Tulu-speaking communities belonging to South Kannad districts in Karnataka and Kasargod districts of Kerala.

Bhuta Kola in Mangalore is a form of spirit dance that is performed by the people of Mangalore from December to January. Although, the origin of the Bhuta Kola of Mangalore is unknown; yet, Bhuta Kola seems to be an inevitable part of the socio-cultural life of Mangalore.

Moreover, the 'bhutas' or the spirits worshiped during the festival are believed to be the guardians of the village, who protect the villagers as well as their livestock from the evil forces. In fact, the spirits that are worshiped by the villagers are considered to be the attendants of Lord Shiva.

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