Bunts are one of the major groups of people who reside in the city of Mangalore. The literal meaning of the word 'Bunta' is 'a physically strong man' or 'a soldier'. This word belongs to the Tulu language. The Bunts are also referred to as the Nadavas. The people belonging to this community are well known in the region as they have a great role to play in the economy as well as the social life in the coastal region of Karnataka.

The major means of livelihood of the community of Bunts is agriculture. In fact, they are recognized for their skills in the field of agriculture. The Bunts of Mangalore are actually a segment of a bigger group of people called the Navadas. The Navadas reside mainly in the northern region of the place called Tulu Nadu.

The people of the Bunt community are believed to share their origins with the Nayar community, who dwell in the Malabar and the Nattar community, which is found in Tamil Nadu. The Bunts are mainly land-owners. The name 'Nadava' comes from the word 'nadu', which literally means 'domain'.

The religious beliefs of the Bunts show a mixed heritage. They worship some of the gods that are associated with the religion of Hinduism. Besides, they also have faith in special spirits whom they term 'bhutas'. They adhere to a matrilineal system called the 'aliya santana'. A woman has a significant position in such a society and a man belonging to this community is known to be very brave.

Last Updated on 21 September 2011