The Kambala in Mangalore is a traditional buffalo race. The Kambala is held in Mangalore from December to March. This festival is dedicated to Lord Kadri Manjunatha.

Kambala at Mangalore is also known as Kambula. Initially, the Kambala race of Mangalore was organized during the pious occasions of Jumaadi Bhuuta and Kodamantaaya festivals. But, in present time, the event is organized every year during the months of December and March. During these months, the event is organized every weekend.

It is noteworthy that the buffalo race is held in a muddy track. A number of buffaloes are prepared to compete in the race. A pair of buffaloes led by a man, race through a muddy track and a congregation of men cheers the competing beasts. The pair of buffaloes that win the race receives the first prize. The winner pair receives a bunch of plantain and a coconut.

Kambala in Mangalore is said to have originated as a form of pastime. It is also believed that Kambala was a form of recreational sport that was practiced by the farmers of Mangalore.

In Mangalore, Kambala is practiced in Bajagoli, Puttur, Baradi Beedu, Uppingadi and Kamalakatte. Furthermore, the Kambala race of Mangalore has achieved another dimension in modern times. In present time, the Kambala race is organized on a bigger platform: the race is held day and night using the artificial means of illumination. Today, Kambala of Mangalore witnesses about 20000 spectators, with about 130 pairs of buffaloes participating in the race.

Last Updated on 21 September 2011