Recreational Centers of Maharashtra

Tired of tight work schedules and busy lives people try to find peace and contentment in doing something out of the daily routine. The rising ambitions have lead people to earn more and hence work more. This has lead to a rapid decrease of leisure in their lives when they can spend some quality time with their near and dear ones. Such life styles have resulted into a craving for recreational centers all over the world. Maharashtra provides many vents for refreshment in terms of recreational centers.

The most famous ones are the Mumbai Zoo, Fantasy Land, Essel World, and Water Kingdom.

With rich variety of flora and fauna, Veermata Jijabai Bhonsle Udyan is better known as the Mumbai Zoo. The zoo hosts many rare and endangered species of animals and birds.

The state of Maharashtra is filled with fun parks. The most popular ones are Fantasy Land, Essel World, and Water Kingdom in Mumbai. There are arrays of international games and rides in these fun parks and are perfect destinations for visitors of all age. Water Kingdom is Asia's largest theme water park and is located next to Essel World in Gorai, Mumbai. There are food stalls of mouth watering delicacies inside these fun parks.

Mumbai Zoo

The Mumbai zoo has a collection of 1861 rooms that houses many rare and endangered species of birds and animals. There are Tigers, lions, elephants, bears, and monkeys and many migratory as well as native birds. The zoo also has various species of plants. Some of these plants are extremely old ones. The garden has a museum within. The Albert museum has a huge collection of archaeological findings like a huge atone elephant. The elephant is kept at the entrance as is said to have been found in 1864Gharapuri Island. At the entrance of the garden there is a huge Italian clock tower which has stopped tickling long back.

Mumbai Fantasy

Sprawling over an area of 30 acre land, the Fantasy Land is situated at Jogeshwari in Mumbai. The park is surrounded by greenery all-around. The amusement park is full of an array of fun filled games and rides all of international standards. The Fantasy Land started working since 1192 and has been built in such a manner that it fulfills the appetite of visitors of all age.

The rides include an Italian merry go round with a porcelain finish, a large dragon the swings to and fro like a pendulum, a slam bob where boats are surfed in the air at a huge speed, slam where the cars are crashed to each other on a large floor fenced on all four sides, the roller coaster ride, pedal boats and horse rides.

Essel World

Sprawling over an area of 64 acre land in Gorai Village, Mumbai, Essel World if the world's largest amusement park. There is another part of this amusement park which is the Water Kingdom. These two twin parks attract more than 1.8 million people every year offering them endless fun amidst 30,000 species of flora and more than 79 rides. The Essel World is a perfect place for a day out. Besides there are series of coin generated games, multi-cuisine restaurants and fast food corners to tickle your taste buds. The rides at Essel World are divided into three categories: the family rides, the adult rides and the children rides.

Water KIngdom

Located at Gorai, Mumbai, the Water kingdom is the largest theme water park in Asia. It is an extension of the Essel World and has a lot many to be explored. Besides the fun rides what attracts the visitors here are its innovative architecture set amidst forest.

Water Kingdom has the world's largest wave pool, the Wet Atlantic. With terrifying waves its real fun to be here. Among the other, the most popular rides are Misphisly Hill with 12 high speed scary rides, the Brat Zone, Goofers Lagoon, the Drifting River and Adventures Amazonia which offers rafting down three speedy rivers.

Kamala Nehru Park

The Kamala Nehru Park sprawling over an area of 3,300 sq m is located at the top of Malabar hills. Inspired by an old nursery rhyme "There was an old woman" the biggest attraction of the park is a large shoe shaped structure. The Kamala Nehru Park is widely visited by school children and the Old Woman's Shoe is their favorite place for playing.

The view from atop Malabar hill is bound to steal your heart away. At night the city street lights around the Marine Drive looks like a large golden necklace studded with gems. This is also referred as the "Queen's necklace".

Hanging Garden

The park was laid over a huge reservoir which can carry 30 million gallons of water supplied to the town. The Parsi towers of silence are also located near this park and it is said that the Hanging Garden was built on this water tank in order to save water from being contaminated.

Hanging Garden is full of colorful flowers, shady trees and lush green lawns. This is a perfect place where one can breathe fresh and pollution free air. It park is engulfed in quiet solitude. It is a favorite place for the morning walkers and joggers and also for the couples in the evenings.

Nishiland and Water Park

Sprawling over an area of 55 acre land, the Nishiland Water Park is situated between Panvel and Khopli on the Old Mumbai Pune highway. It is about 45 km from Ghatkopar and 70 km from Pune.

The water park offers a multiple exciting water games like wave pool, children's play pool, a water slide, boating, a 'Rub a Dub Jacuzzi' etc. The Nishiland Water Park is a perfect place for chilling out with your family and friends.

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