Shopping in Maharashtra

Shopping in Maharashtra is a different experience altogether for the tourists. The state features a diverse culture and the lifestyle of the state boasts a lot of variety as well. Maharashtra is the ideal place for shopping for the domestic and international travelers. Since Maharashtra is the third biggest state in India, the shopaholics find this as their heaven as every region and every district of this state has its unique specialty of products and commodities. Maharashtra comes up with a range of shopping options for the tourists. Shopping is always an enjoyable experience in the state. The city of Pune is famous for jewelry, pearl nose rings, Maharashtrian traditional wear, nine-yard sarees, and necklaces.

The state is home to a variety of shopping venues that suit the taste and budget of the shoppers. There are many shopping places and shopping malls in Maharashtra where people can visit and purchase the things of their choice. Bargaining is a key factor in some of the shopping areas in Maharashtra. If you are a good bargainer, then you have the chance of striking a good deal.

Some of the best cities to go for shopping in Maharashtra are Mumbai, Pune, Aurangabad, Nagpur, Nasik, Kolhapur and other towns that provide an ideal ambience for shopping.

Shopping in Mumbai

Mumbai is the commercial capital of India. It is also a city for fashion lovers and travelers across the world come here to buy fashion goods and items. The city of Mumbai offers different types of shopping options that suit every pocket. Be it central Mumbai or the suburban areas of the city, all are lined up with shopping malls and shopping outlets. Dadar, Juhu Road, and Bandra Linking Road are some of the places that offer unique opportunities for shopping. The major places of shopping in Mumbai include Zaveri Bazaar, Chor Bazaar, and Mutton Street. Colaba and Hutatama Chowk (famously known as Flora Fountain) are popular for traditional relics and artifacts and departmental stores that contain variety of items like cosmetics and toiletries. The shopping marts and malls of Oberoi and Taj hotel are some of the elegant shopping venues that feature the latest fashion goods and apparels. The downtown area of Mumbai is famous for splendid handicraft items and flowers. Mutton Street sells cutlery, rosewood furniture, pottery, glasswork, works of art, lamps, beads, and masks.

Beginning from air-conditioned 5 star shopping malls to outdoor and flea markets, Mumbai are depicted as a shopper’s heaven.

The top shopping venues in Mumbai are as follows:

want to fill your wardrobe with all the latest collections of clothes, you should visit this place since it offers all the top and latest brands of fashion garments.

Some of the places to purchase the latest fashion garments are Kemps Corner, Warden Road, Breach Candy, and Napean Sea Road.

Heera Panna Shopping Center

Heera Panna Shopping Center is one of the renowned shopping areas in the city. It is closely located to the Haji Ali Mosque in Worli.

Shopping in Pune

Shopping in Pune is also a wonderful experience. You would get jewellry, traditional wear, necklaces, and ornaments at Tulsi Baug. Big departmental stores line up the Mahatma Gandhi Road. You can also visit the interiors of Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar or Deccan Gymkhana for shopping.

Deccan Gymkhana, Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar, Tulsi Baug, M.G. Road and Laxmi Road are the popular shopping districts of the city. Shopping plazas and boutiques line up at Koregaon Park, Dhole Patil Road, and Fergusson College.

Tulsi Baug

This place is famous for its nine-yard sarees sold in the temporary stalls that line up the street. The place at its first appearance might appear slightly unorganized but this is the place where one would find all the requirements under one roof. There are some rare varieties of neck pieces, nose wears, and fashionable jewelries that are very much in demand by the tourists. Moreover, the Maharashtrian traditional commodities are found here which you need to bargain to get at an affordable price.

Chhattrapati Sambhaji Nagar (Deccan Gymkhana)

This is a very small marketplace located on the other side of the river Mutha. You would see stalls of fruits, furniture, leather items, foods, and shoes. Fashionable junk jewelries like trinkets, cosmetics, and flowers are found at Hong Kong Lane in the market. Some of the rarest and best sweetmeat shops of the city are also found here. Pedas, barfis and other sweets are found here. Bhakar Wadis and Surali Wadis are the famous snacks of the place.

Laxmi Road

The people of Pune opine that Laxmi Road is a must visit that suits the shopping needs of the visitors. The best garment shops are here that keep all weather garments and fashionable accessories like handbags and purses. This is a very busy place. The market remains closed in the afternoons and on Mondays.

Juna Bazaar or Old Market

This is one of the oldest bazaars of the city. Though many people don’t know about it, the place is a favorite for the foreigners and the amateur coin collectors. Accessories like screwdrivers and door hinges are also found here. This place is again famous for second hand silk sarees and trousers. The markets run on Wednesdays and Sundays and remain closed in the afternoon.

Mahatma Gandhi Road

Big departmental stores speckle this area. Some of the temporary stalls sell garments. The foodies find this to be a favorite as there are food stalls that line down the lane along with plenty of ice-cream parlors. Places like Laxmi Bazaar are a preferred spot for evening hangout.

Shopping in Aurangabad

Aurangabad is the perfect place for women who are looking for traditional saris. The city features a big collection of Paithani saris which are a highlight of this city. This place is famous for its rich cultural and traditional heritage. Moreover, the art and craft of this place speak of its rich affinity towards art and craftsmanship. The Mashroo, Himaroo shawls, and kimkhab weaves are some of the rare and rich works of the place. The Paithani saree of Aurangabad is quite famous all over the country and many tourists come here to buy these sarees from here.

Shopping in Nagpur

Being one of the major cities of Maharashtra, the city of Nagpur offers a wide scope of shopping. The place is dotted with some of the fashionable outlets and showrooms, catering to the various sections of the society. Some of the famous places for shopping are WHC Road, Sitabuldi, Residency Road and Dharampeth Road. Poonam Chambers sells both branded and non-branded items. Other than these, the place sells cards and gifts, shoes, furniture, jewelry, fast food and snacks, and music.

Nagpur is famous for its world-class oranges and orange products. This helps the city earn a significant amount of foreign exchange. Jelly, jams, squashes, and marmalade made out of oranges are quite famous all over the world. These products are available here against cheapest rates with best quality.

Nagpur is a major city in India for different types of businesses and industries. Tobacco, textile, machineries, wood, and plastics are some of the thriving sectors in the city.

Shopping in Nashik

This is regarded as one of the religious cities of the country. This place organizes the Kumbh Mela after every three years. One would come across beaded necklaces, metal statues made of brass, and some of the popular varieties of jewellry. Some of the important jewelry shops in Maharashtra line up the city. Moreover, there is a huge collection of fashionable garments available here in some of the leading garment stores like Shivaji Cloth Market, Amarson Cloth Centre, Bhadrakali Nasik, and Bombay Silk Store.

Shopping in Kolhapur

This city is a fast developing hub of cotton textile industries. Kolhapuri sarees are quite famous and have a big market.

The city of Kolhapur is mostly famous for popular Kolhapuri chappals or leather slippers. Other than this, there are the gorgeous Kolhapuri sarees and unique Kolhapuri jewelry, including bormal, mohanmal, Kolhapuri saaj, chaplahar, thushi, pohehar and putlihar. Thushi is essentially a necklace with tightly held small golden beads and is a popular ornament.

Kolhapuri sandals are quite famous and are available at Bahusinji Road. Shetkaari Bazaar is the place to buy goods at cheap place to shop here is.

Kolhapuri saaj is a unique collection of jewelry and necklaces. Maharashtrian ladies like to put on ornaments like malas and har, chaplahar, bormal, putlihar, pohehar, and all these are indigenous products of Kolhapur.
Shivaji Road and Mahadwar are popular shopping districts of the city.

'Must Buys' of Maharashtra

Shopping in Maharashtra may bring one across some of the unique collections and one may choose to buy from the following rare collections of the state:
  • Paithani and Himroo saris
  • Lacquer ware
  • Kolhapuri chappals
  • Warli tribal paintings
  • Bidri ware
  • Narayan Peth saris
Shopping in Maharashtra provides a golden opportunity to all the shopping lovers. The markets and shopping malls of the state have the capacity to satiate every need of the buyers. Starting from antique items to fashionable goods, the state has something for everyone.

Last Updated on 21 May 2013

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