Alwar River Map

River Map of Alwar

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*Map showing rivers flowing in and out of Alwar. Disclaimer

Rivers In Alwar

Alwar Rivers are the source of water in this district of the state of Rajasthan . Due to the dry weather of the state, very few rivers can be found in Rajasthan. In the Alwar district, the most prominent river is the Sahibi River.

The river flows through the northern part of the district. There are also other seasonal rivers in Alwar, which are used as the source of water for irrigation.

Sanwan River and Palasan River are two rivers of Alwar, which are more like streams in appearance. The Sanwan River originates from the hill area near Angri village of the district. This tributary of Banganga River flows for about 100 kilometers before joining the main river. Palasan, another tributary of Banganga River, also originates in Alwar district. This river joins Banganga River near the Indiana village, after covering a distance of around 50 kilometers.

There are also other small rivers or rivulets, which flow across the Alwar District. Some of these seasonal rivers are Rupatel, Kali, Gauri and Sota. These streams remain dry during most of the year, while during monsoon, the water level rises.

Last Updated on : 3 February 2020