Dhaulpur River Map

River Map of Dhaulpur

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River Map of Dhaulpur Karauli  Bharatpur  UTTAR PRADESH  MADHYA PRADESH
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*Map showing rivers flowing in and out of Dhaulpur. Disclaimer

Rivers In Dhaulpur

Dhaulpur or Dholpur district lies in the eastern part of Rajasthan. The Dhaulpur Rivers include Chambal and Parbati Rivers. Among the Dhaulpur Rivers the main river is Chambal River.

The entire town of Dhaulpur lies in the basin of the Chambal River. The Chambal River of Dhaulpur is the tributary of the Yamuna River. The Chambal River originates from the southern slope of Vindhya River in Madhya Pradesh. The river then flows through the Rajasthan and then empties itself in the Yamuna River of Uttar Pradesh. The main tributary of the Chambal River is Banas which is also one of the major rivers of Rajasthan. The other tributaries of Chambal include Kali, Sindh, Banas Karai and Parbati which also flows through Dhaulpur. Chambal River also flows through the following districts of Rajasthan:
  • Kota
  • Bundi
  • Sarai Madhopur
Chambal River is the only perennial river among the rivers of Dhaulpur as well as rivers of Rajasthan. The length of the river is 165 km.

Parbati River is one of the rivers in Dhaulpur. The river drains the entire northern portion of Dhaulpur. Parbati River is a small river compared to the Chambal River. The major town of the Rajkhera lies on the bank of the River Parbati.

Last Updated on : 3 February 2020