Jhalawar River Map

River Map of Jhalawar

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River Map of Jhalawar Jhalawar City Map Kota Baran MADHYA PRADESH
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*Map showing rivers flowing in and out of Jhalawar. Disclaimer

Rivers In Jhalawar

Jhalawar Rivers include the famous rivers of Kali Sindh, Parvati, Choti Kali Sindh and Niwaz. Among these Rivers of Jhalawar, the most important ones are the Kalisindh river and the Parwati river.

The point of origin of the Kali Sindh river is the northern slopes of the hills of Vindhya. The Kali Sindh rivers a large stretch of land in the state of Madhya Pradesh before it enters the state of Rajasthan in India.

The place where one of the famous Jhalawar Rivers, that is, the Kali Sindh river enters Rajasthan is the Binda village. The total distance covered by the Kali Sindh river in Rajasthan is one hundred and forty five kilometers. The Kali Sindh river later merges into the Chambal river, which is located in the Kota district of the Nonera village. The Jhalawar Rivers which are the tributaries of the Kali Sindh river include the Amjhar, Ahu and the Parwan.

Another important river among the Jhalawar Rivers is Parwati. The Parwati river has the slopes of the hills of Vindhya as its point of origin in the state of Madhya Pradesh. It is from the Chatarpura village, placed in the district of Baran, that this river enters the premises of Rajasthan. The total distance covered by the Parwati river in Rajasthan is equal to eighty three kilometers. The river also forms a boundary wall between the states of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh before merging into the Chambal river. The major tributary rivers in Jhalawar, which originate from Parwati river, include Lhasi, Andheri, Berni, Bilas, Re6tri, Andheri, Kunu and Dubraj.

Last Updated on : 3 February 2020