Bharatpur River Map

River Map of Bharatpur

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River Map of Bharatpur Bharatpur City Map HARYANA UTTAR PRADESH  Dhaulpur  Karauli  Alwar  Dausa
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*Map showing rivers flowing in and out of Bharatpur. Disclaimer

Rivers In Bharatpur

Bharatpur is a district of the Indian state of Rajasthan . There are quite a number of Bharatpur Rivers that flow through the Bharatpur district.

The Bharatpur Rivers are Chambal, Ban-Ganga, Barah, Parwati and Gambhiri.

The Chambal River had an ancient name of Chamravati .In some parts the Chambal River is also known by the name of Kamdhenu. The Chambal River is a perennial river and it originates at Manpura which is at the south of the town of Mhow which is near Indore on the south slope of the Vindhya Range of Madhya Pradesh. The Chambal is the only river in Rajasthan that flows through out the year.

On the Chambal River which is one of the Rivers in Bharatpur, there are the Rana Pratap Sagar, Gandhi Sagar, Kota Barrage and the Jawahar Sagar dams. The dams that are built on the Chambal River are used for the purpose of electricity production and irrigation.

The Ban-Ganga River also flows through the Bharatpur district. The river originates from the hills of Bairath in Jaipur. The river flows through the places of Sawai, Bharatpur, Madhopur and then finally flows into the Yamuna river.

The Gambhiri River originates in the hills near the Karauli Village in the district of Sawai Madhopur. The river finally falls in the river Yamuna. The Parwati River also flows through the district of Bharatpur. This particular river starts off from the northern slopes of the Vindhyan hills in Madhya Pradesh. The river enters in Rajasthan through the Baran district.

Last Updated on : 3 February 2020