Barmer River Map

River Map of Barmer

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River Map of Barmer Jaisalmer Jodhpur Pali Jalor PAKISTAN
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*Map showing rivers flowing in and out of Barmer. Disclaimer

Rivers In Barmer

In the category of the Barmer Rivers there are two rivers. The two Barmer Rivers are Luni River and the Sukri River. The Luni River originates from the Nag hills of Ajmer and then it flows.

The Luni River flows through Jodhpur, Barmer and Jalore and then it enters the Indian state of Gujarat. Among the Rivers in Barmer, the Luni River finally falls into the Kachchh region. The total length of the Luni River is 320 kilometers. The Luni is basically a seasonal river. Until the place of Balotara the water is sweet in this river but after that the water becomes salty.

Many small water streams like the Guhiya, Lalri, Bari, Jajori, Jabai, and Sagai come out of the western slope of the Aravalli hills and these streams combine themselves into the Luni River.

Another river flowing in the Barmer district is the Sukri River. The Sukri River flows from close to Mount Abu of the Aravalli Range. Then the river Sukri flows through the districts of Sirohi, Jalore and Barmer in Rajasthan and finally merges into the Luni River.

The district of Barmer lies in the western part of the state of Rajasthan. The Barmer district covers the total area of 28,387 square kilometers. In the district about 80 percent of the people have their main occupation as agriculture. The chief crops that are grown in the district are Bajra, Kidney Beans, Wheat, Cumin seeds, Mustard. The district is also famous for materials like woolen carpets, items of handicraft, embroidered items and many more attracting things.

Last Updated on : 3 February 2020