Baran River Map

River Map of Baran

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River Map of Baran MADHYA PRADESH Kota Jhalawar
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*Map showing rivers flowing in and out of Baran. Disclaimer

Rivers In Baran

Baran is a district in Rajasthan and the district headquarters is the Baran town. The Baran Rivers help in the irrigation factor of Baran.

The Baran Rivers comprising of the Parvati, Parwan and Kalisindh offer an important resource of inland waterway irrigation.

One of the rivers of Baran Klaisindhi is an important river of the region Hadoti. This particular river is very unsure for flood and a large bridge has been constructed on this river near "Palaytha". In Rajasthan this bridge is supposed to be one among the largest bridge. Another river in Baran is Parvati. Parvati River in Baran is the chief river of the district which is also the supplementary river of Chambal river. The Parvati River enters Baran from the kasba of Kariyahat of Chhabra Tehsil from the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.

Parvan is another river which enters the district of Baran from the southern part of the kasba of Harnavdashahaji. Parvan River is the assisting river of the river Kalisindhi.

The Ban-Ganga River is supposed to be the river of the rainy season. This particular river passes through Sehrod and Bamla which are in the southern part of Baran. After the river passes the eastern side of the city of Baran and west of Mangrol Kasba and Bohat, it joins with the Parvati River.

The Andheri River enters the district of Baran from Chhipabarod. The river borders the Indian states of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh and finally combines with the Parvati River near the place Atru.

Last Updated on : 3 February 2020