Transportation in Mysore

The inter city and intra city transportation in Mysore is conducted in buses and taxis that are present in plenty in the city. Some of the buses connect the city of Mysore to the city of Bangalore. Along with the private agencies that route their bus services from the city of Mysore to the various neighboring cities in the state of Karnataka, the Karnataka Road Transport Corporation also has regular buses that run from the second largest city of the state to the city of Bangalore. Transportation within Mysore city is done in the taxis that run on the meter. Private cars can be hired for transportation in Mysore city by the tourists.

A well knit network of broad gauge railway lines connect the city of Mysore to the cosmopolitan and metropolitan cities of the country. Regular trains ply from the city of Mysore to the city of Bangalore. The 139 kilometers distance from the city of Mysore to Bangalore can be traversed in the buses. The Karnataka Road Transport Corporation run luxury, semi luxury and ordinary buses to the city of Bangalore. Destinations in the city can be reached in the buses that are generally crowded by the local people who travel from one end of the city to the other for business purposes. It is advisable that the traveler traverses long distances in the private cars and the taxis.

With the emerging population, the government of the state has done well to provide adequate transportation in Mysore. The infrastructure of the city is well developed to facilitate easy accessibility from one destination to the other.

Last Updated on 9/14/2011

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