Kollam Business and Economy

Kollam business and economy has reached a stage of prosperity because of the flourishing industrial sector of the city. The industrial segment of Kollam is highly responsible for the economic development of the region. The cashew producing mills of the city have contributed extensively to the development of the Kollam business and economy. In fact, the Kerala State Cashew Development Corporation or the KSCDC is one of the largest producers of cashew in Kollam. There are 34 factories under the KSCDC, which contribute to the growth of Kollam economy and business.

Some of the major industries in the region of Kollam are listed below:

  • Coir processing industry
  • Cashew processing industry
  • Handloom industry
  • Spinning mills
  • Paper mills
  • Aluminum industry
  • Mineral Industry
  • Mechanical Plants

The major sectors that have contributed to the Kollam economy comprise of the agricultural sector, the irrigation department, animal husbandry, fisheries and transport agencies. More than 70% of the work force is actively engaged in the works related to agriculture. The major crops that are grown in the region are paddy, coconut, tapioca, rubber, banana, cashew, pepper and mango. The presence of the two prime rivers in the region of Kollam has led to the growth in the sector of irrigation. Business in Kollam has increased manifold due to the natural recourses of the region, namely, forests and the mineral resources.

Some of the leading industrial houses located in Kollam city and its nearby localities, that have boosted the Kollam Economy and Business, include:
  • United Electrical Industries
  • Kerala Electrical and Allied Engineering Company
  • Thomas Stephen and Company
  • Kerala Ceramics Limited
  • Kerala Minerals and Metals Limited
  • Travancore Plywood Industries
  • Parvathi Mills Limited
  • Punalur Paper Mills
  • Kerala Agro-Fruit Products
  • Aluminium Industries Limited
Kollam city is one of the banking hubs of the State of Kerala. Numerous nationalized, merchant and international banks have branches in Kollam. The emergence of the city as a major industrial and educational sector has prompted the growth in the demand of real estate in Kollam. More and more schools, colleges, residential complexes and shopping malls are coming up in the area.

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Last Updated on 9/15/2011



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