DAV College, Amritsar

The DAV College, Amritsar is one of the most important centers for the courses in Humanities and various subjects related to Computer science, Commerce, Information Technology and Management.
In the morning shift there are provision for pursuing undergraduate programs in the field of Humanities and various post graduate diplomas in the various professional training courses. The college also runs several courses for those who are interested in learning besides pursuing their career. There is an evening shift for such students.

The DAV College of Amritsar is also planning to reach out to the not so privileged ones with education. With the help of the distance learning program of the Guru Nanak Dev University the college wants to reach quality education to those places where the people are deprived of facilities for higher education.

The students in this educational institute of Amritsar are groomed by some of the most experienced faculty members. There are also many visiting lecturers from other institutes who come here to enlighten the students on various issues.

There are Bachelors Degree programs on various subjects ranging from Biotechnology to Information Technology offered in this institute of much repute. The students of the DAV College in Amritsar are also offered post graduate programs in Mathematics, Computer Science, Economics, Commerce, Hindi, English, History and Physics.

The DAV College, Amritsar is considered among the best colleges and institutes in Amritsar.