Central University of Rajasthan

In pursuance of an Act of Parliament (Act No. 25 of 2009), Central University of Rajasthan came into existence in 2009. Prof. M. M. Salunkhe was appointed as the First Vice-Chancellor by Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil, the President of India who is also the Visitor of the University.

The Central University of Rajasthan has committed itself in inculcating & sustaining quality in every aspect of higher education like learning, research, teaching and governance plying to both national and international requirements so as to fulfill the challenges of this knowledge era.

The permanent location of the university is yet to be decided as the land is still not being allocated by the Central Government of India. Hence, the administrative section of the university is temporarily based at Navdurga Colony, Jaipur though the academic programs are being conducted from Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur.

Goals and Objectives of Central University of Rajasthan include:
  • Building analyticity and responsibility in students along with a prospective career.

  • Imparting flexible and innovative research programs responsive to a wider range of students and regional necessities so as to build leadership quality in students.

  • Encouraging active participation of faculty and students in national as well as international affairs.

  • Recognizing special obligation in educating students belonging to lower socio-economic society.

  • Offering varied learning opportunities in different levels of learning.

  • Contributing to the cultural, educational and socio-economic advancement of India by offering undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, doctorate and professional degrees.

  • Facilitating affordable and quality education which will furnish learners with morality and professionalism from global and academic perspective.

  • Exploring wisdom and knowledge to build an academic treasury.

  • Strengthening community potential as well as increasing global competitiveness of India.

  • Implementing different strategies towards proactive management & operation of university administration in the sensible framework focusing on efficiency, lucidity & responsibility.

  • Developing the university as the leading research-intensive university to attain an optimistic & intellectual mindset to flourish in globalized job market by inculcating valued education in learners.

To be precise, Central University of Rajasthan aims to offer unique educational opportunities for students especially belonging to lower socio-economic society. It aspires in creating intellectual, adaptable, conducive and civilized citizens by upholding personal and professional enrichment that will induce in forming an erudite society.

Central University of Rajasthan started off with the first academic year on August, 2009 and has got a plan to offer courses like Post Graduation in Technology and Actuarial Science. Both the courses will have the individual capacity to intake 30 students. In the next academic year they will introduce varied courses from Arts, Agriculture, Social Science and Science. The university will conduct an admission test based on All India Common Entrance Exam for the different courses. The notification for admission will soon be published on News Paper or uploaded on the university website www.mnit.ac.in .

Last Updated on : March 28, 2016