Handicrafts in Kolkata

Handicrafts forms the basis of the cultural set up of any country. In Kolkata - a city known for its rich culture, we can come across a number of shops that deals in indigenous handicrafts of Kolkata . Handicrafts , in fact, forms a reflection of the rich cultural heritage of a promising land.

West Bengal has always been famous for its handlooms and handicrafts . The beautiful and chic Baluchari saris, silk and Tasar textiles is famous world wide for its elegance and style. Besides the garments, other handicrafts of Kolkata include jute materials, wood and cane products, brass wares and folk dolls belonging to the various regions of West Bengal viz. Murshidabad, Birbhum, Bankura, Hooghly and Nadia which have created a world market.

The important aspect of the Kolkata handicrafts is that, in spite of being contiguous, each product has its own distinguishing feature. Like, the Kanjeevaram saris from southern part of India has its own charm, and the Banarasi saris from Lucknow has its own elegance. No handicraft product has the same textile, style or finesse!

Among the famous Kolkata handicraft shops showcasing interesting handicrafts from different parts of India are:

  • Bengal Home Industries Association
  • Bhagabati
  • Bhalla's Carpet
  • Calcutta Carpets
  • Curio Emporium
  • Handloom House
  • Indian Handicrafts
  • International Carpet
  • Kashmir Government Art Emporium
  • Phulkari, etc.

In these stores, one can get:

  • terracotta stuffs
  • aroma lamps
  • fine embroideries
  • show pieces
  • lamp shades
  • conch shells
  • jewelery
  • masks
  • dress materials
  • things made from ivory
  • wood carvings
  • furnitures
  • hand looms
  • toys and rag dolls
  • jute products
  • mattress and carpets, etc.

It should be noted that the output of these handicrafts in Kolkata are not always refined, but what makes these products special, is that these crafts have the warm touch of the respective cultures. It has the warmth of the native land.

Last Updated on : 13/07/2013