Kota Emergency Numbers

Whether one is a resident of Kota or a visitor only, he or she should keep the Kota Emergency Numbers as ready reckoner. There are thousands of students and other temporary residents in Kota. These population of Kota are new to the city and know little about the city in comparison with the people who are living here for ages. The Kota Emergency Numbers will be the maximum help for them. The citizens of the city also need to know the important numbers to act fast in case of any emergency.

Some of the most needed emergency numbers of Kota are given below:

  • MBS Hospital
    Telephone: 2450241-42

  • Rampura Satellite Hospital
    Telephone: 2381354, 2380768

  • Ambulance Service
    Telephone: 2450241-42,2320144

  • Kota Blood Bank
    Telephone: 2422939

  • Blood Bank of MBS Hospital
    Telephone: 2322171

  • JKL one Hospital
    Telephone: 2450241-42

  • Free Ambulance Service
    Telephone: 2433841

  • ESI Hospital
    Telephone: 2427946

  • Railway Reservation Inquiry
    Telephone: 2464991

  • Railway Station Kota Junction

  • Electrical Control Room
    Telephone:: 2323638

  • Police
    Telephone: 100

  • Police Line
    Telephone: 2350791

  • Traffic Police
    Telephone: 2350741

  • Telephone Local Inquiry
    Telephone: 197 and 2329700

  • Jhala House Water Supply Office
    Telephone: 2326980

Last Updated on 07 December 2011