Ritu Kumar Biography

Ritu Kumar is one of the country’s leading fashion designers who has a major contribution in the revival of traditional Indian craft and design. Ritu Kumar along with some like-minded designers attempted to blend the best of East and West. Ritu Kumar took the initiative to present India’s rich heritage to the whole world in a way that would be beneficial to both the Indian craftsmen and the modern customers worldwide.

Ritu Kumar has pioneered the term ‘fashion’ in Indian context. Indeed she is the one who put forth the importance of hand-made products as it can be as cost-effective as machine-made clothes and even more gorgeous than those. She started with hand block printers in a village near Kolkata. That was twenty-eight years ago. Ritu Kumar with her team of committed designers has come a long way. She has worked mainly on cotton, silk and leather and produced some of the country’s most magnificent garments.

Ritu Kumar’s specialty is traditional Indian clothes, which highlights on the textile and embroidery heritage of India. But the mix and match of the Indian and western wear also holds a prime position in her work.

Ritu Kumar designed the wardrobes of the Miss India’s like Manpreet Brar, Rani Jeyraj, Ruchi Malhotra, Lara Dutta for their participation in the International Beauty Pageants. All of them have won the award for the Most Outstanding Evening Gown in International pageants.

Ritu’s Buotique, which was later named only Ritu, has many outlets all over the country. Moreover, she has launched her book ‘ Costumes and Textiles of Royal India’ published by Christie’s, London.

The leading lady designer has been awarded many a times:

  • Lifetime Achievement Award set by NIFT
  • Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur Award by PHDCC
  • Lifetime achievement award at the Kingfisher Fashion Fantasia, July 2000 in Bangalore.