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Anup Sridhar Biography

Anup Sridhar, the 23 years old National Badminton Champion, made a triumphant mark in the year 2005 in the 30th Hungarian International. Winning this prestigious international tournament, Anup Sridhar attracted the attention of many a famous badminton personalities.

Anup Sridhar reached the quarter final of BWF World Championships in the year 2007 where he played against Lin Dan – one of the top seeds. Being a National Champion for two times, Anup Sridhar has become one of the most popular badminton players of India.

Having a lot of potential and determination, Anup Sridhar is counted as one of the most talented players of the country. Although Anup Sridhar was determined to participate in the All England Open Championships but owing to fitness problem he could not take part in the same.

Anup Sridhar dedicates his achievements to U Vimal Kumar and Prakash Padukone. According to him all his talent and capabilities have been finely shaped up in the Prakash Padukone Academy where he had been trained.

With a long way to go, Anup Sridhar is regarded by the badminton proponents of India as a storehouse of potential. It is said that at such an early age only a few of the badminton players have made it to the international arena. Realizing his immense potential many sponsors are coming forward to sponsor him at national and international-level tournaments.