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Ashok Shandilya Biography

Ashok Shandilya is a renowned billiards player of India who was born in the year of 1968 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Working for Central Railway, Ashok Shandilya has held India high in the 1998 Asian Games, where he bagged two gold medals.

Ashok Shandilya, from his childhood days, had a major interest in the game of billiards. During his growing years Ashok Shandilya started playing billiards with great enthusiasm as a result of which he made it to the Asian Games of 1998. The 1998 Asian Games was all the more important because he defeated Geet Sethi, who is known to be the unbeaten champion of billiards.

He became a runner-up in the snooker championship in 1990 when he entered the senior levels. In the same year he became the National Billiards Champion in Bangalore.

He bagged several medals in the various inter-railway championships. Among others, the two bronze medals, seven silver medals and 11 gold medals bagged by Ashok in the inter-railway competitions are worth of mention.

All these achievements of Ashok indicate towards his infinite potential and efficiency in billiards. As a fabulous player and enthusiast of billiards and snooker, Ashok Shandilya hopes that the game will get due recognition through extensive promotion in the coming years.