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Bipin Chandra Pal Biography

Bipin Chandra Pal Biography

Bipin Chandra Pal (1858-1932) was a noted politician, journalist, an eminent orator and one of the three famous patriots, known as the trilogy of Lal Bal Pal. The other two were Lala Lajpat Rai and Bal Gangadhar Tilak. He was one of the main architects of the Swadeshi movement. He stood against the partition of West Bengal.

Pal was born on November 7, 1858 in at Sylhet (now in Bangladesh). He came to Calcutta and got admitted in the Presidency college but left studies before graduating. However he had remarkable Literacy competence and studied various books extensively. He started his career as school master andworked as a librarian in the Calcutta Public Library. Here he came in contact with Keshav Chandra Senand others like Shivnath Shastri, B.K.Goswami and S.N.Banerjee. Their influence attracted him to join active politics. Soon he got inspired by the extremist patriotism of Tilak, Lala and Aurobindo. In 1898 he went to England to study comparative theology but came back to preach ideal of Swadeshi through himself in the non cooperation movement due to his difference of view points with other leaders of the movement.

A journalist himself, Pal used his profession in spreading patriotic feelings and social awareness. He was the editor of the ‘Democrat’, the ‘Independent’ and many other journals and newspapers. He published a biography of Queen Victoria in Bangla. ‘Swaraj and the Present Situation’ and ‘The Soul of India’ are the two of his many books written by him.

Pal had a ‘never say die’ attitude and he lived by his Principle. He revolted against the evils and ill practices of Hinduism. He was a member of the Brahmo Samaj and believed in the equality of men and women. He encouraged widow marriages and female education. India lost one of it’s most ardent patriot when he passed away in 1932.


Facts and Information about Bipin Chandra Pal

Born 7 November, 1858 in Habiganj, Sylhet, Assam
Religion Hinduism
Died 20-May-32
Father Ramchandra Pal, a Persian scholar and small landowner
Mother Narayani Devi
Wife Pal married twice, first in 1881, and after the death of his first wife, in 1891.
Son Niranjan Pal, founder of Bombay Talkies
Known for Contributions to the freedom struggle of India
Education Received school education in Sylhet. He went to the Presidency College for graduation but left it midway.

He worked as the headmaster of a high school for several years at different schools. He has also worked as a librarian and secretary for the Calcutta Public Library

Between 1890 and 1891, he worked as a librarian and secretary for the Calcutta Public Library.

Associated with Indian National Congress, Brahmo Samaj (1886)
Role in Congress As a member of Indian National Congress he founded the Brahmo Samaj. At the 1887 Madras session of the Congress, Pal made a strong plea for repealing the Arms Act.

Bipin is popularly referred to as a member of the trio, Lal, Bal and Pal.

Publications and Writings He has written several books:

The Soul of India

Assistant Editor of Bengali Public Opinion

Lahore Tribune

Editor of The Democrat and The Independent

Paridarshak, Bangla weekly

The New Spirit

Biography of Queen Victoria

Jail Journey

Indian Nationalism

Nationality and Empire

Swaraj and the Present Situation

The Basis of Social Reform

Studies in Hinduism

Jail Journey He was jailed for a period of six months for not putting forward the evidence thet he possessed against Sri Aurobindo in the Vande Mataram sedition case.