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The origin of Indian classical music is found in the oldest Hindu scripture called Samaveda. It has the most complex and complete musical system with eight basic notes of Sa,Re,Ga,Ma,Pa,Dha,Ni and Sa. It is monophonic in nature. The instruments used in Indian Classical music are veena, mridangam, tabla, kanjira, tambura, flute, sitar,violin, gottuvadyam and sarangi. The two main styles of Indian Classical music are Hindustani music(North India) and Carnatic music(South India). The main themes of [...]

Hindustani music originated in North India. Based on the Raga system, here one raga and one tala is used per composition. The scale of a song is called Raga which is composed of the notes called sa, re, ga, ma pa, dha, and ni. Talas are basically the beats of the song. As soon as the raga is established in Hindustani music, the mode gets more rhythmical while taking up speed at the same time. [...]

Sanjay Subramaniam is a renowned Indian musician specializing in the field of Carnatic Music. An award-winning musician, Sanjay has performed at innumerable concerts across India and overseas, enthralling his audiences with his powerful and energetic voice. Sanjay was born on January 21, 1968 at Chennai in Tamil Nadu, India. Besides being an outstanding singer and violinist, Sanjay is a Commerce Graduate, as well as a qualified Chartered and Cost Accountant. Sanjay Subramaniam began his musical journey at the [...]

Odissi is a Indian classical dance form, which emerged in the eastern state of Orissa. It is a dance form which is about 2000 years old. Modern Odissi dance is a modification of the traditional form of the dance, as it was on the verge of extinction during the colonial period. Three categorical schools of Odissi are popular, they include: Gotipua Style(popularized by the women dancers who served the deities in the temples Mahari Style(popularized [...]

Padma Subramanyam has become a distinguished personality for being the spectacular proponent of the Indian art and culture beyond its political boundaries. Born on 4th February 1943 in Chennai, this fabled Bharatnatyam dancer is also choreographer, musician, music composer & a research scholar. The multifarious personality Padma is the director of a dance school, Nrithyodaya established by her father in 1942, in Chennai. Padma Subramanyam was the daughter of a celebrated film director K. Subrahmanyam and Meenakshi, [...]

Mallika Sarabhai is a performer and creator of many talents. Her career has developed from being a young, internationally acclaimed, classical dancer and film personality, to being an activist and commentator on social issues. Now an established artist she celebrates positive reaffirmation of images of womanhood through dance, theatre and writing. Following the rich and inspiring model of her mother Mrinalini, Mallika has placed herself firmly at the cutting edge of Indian dance and dance [...]

Lalgudi Jayaraman is a prominent name in the Carnatic music. This musical maestro is a world-renowned violinist. The essence of Carnatic music was imbibed in him by two great musicians Thyagaraja and his father late V R Gopala Iyer. He began his musical career at the tender age of 12 by accompanying various musical maestros as a violinist. This extraordinary violinist is known for his unique style which is enchanting, harmonious, original and yet traditional [...]

Dadasaheb Phalke – “The father of Indian cinema” and his full name is Dhundiraj Govind Phalke was born on April 30, 1870 in Nasik, Maharashtra. He studied at the Sir J.J. School of Arts, Bombay. After completing his studies at the J.J.School, he went to the Kala Bhavan in Baroda to learn photography, printing and magic. Beginning his career as a photographer in Godhra, he left his business after the death of his first wife and child [...]

Bhimsen Joshi is a leading Hindustani classical vocalist and is considered to be the torchbearer of the Kirana gharana. Born on February 14, 1922 in Gadag, Karnataka, Bhimsen’s father wanted him to concentrate on his studies and qualify as a doctor or an engineer, but Bhimsen Joshi was more attracted towards music. Bhimsen Joshi was deeply influenced by a recording of Abdul Karim Khan, the founder father of the Kirana gharana during his childhood. Bhimsen Joshi [...]

Allauddin Khan was a renowned classical musician of India. He played the sarod. Belonging to a genre of musicians who believed music to be a divine way to reach God, Allaudin Khan was born into a musical family in Brahmanbaria ( Bangladesh ). He took a liking to music at a very young age. However, his family never wanted him to become a musician, as it was not considered to be a respectable profession. At [...]