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Amrita Sher-Gill was born on 30 January 1913 in Budapest, Hungary. She was the daughter of Umrao Singh Sher-Gil Majithia, a Sikh aristocrat and Marie Antoinette Gottesmann, a Hungarian. Her father traced his lineage to a well-known aristocratic family near Amritsar. A renowned scholar of Sanskrit and Persian, he also studied philosophy and religion, besides astronomy, photography and carpentry, and was fluent in many languages. Amrita spent the initial years of her childhood in Europe. [...]

Jamini Roy was born in 1887 in Bankura in West Bengal. In 1903, Jamini Roy came to Kolkata and took admission in the Government School of Art. He was a student of Abanindranath Tagore. Roy painted a couple of beautiful portraits and landscapes that shows his unquestionable artistic qualities. In his early days Jamini Roy went through extreme poverty and was forced to take odd jobs. His Kalighat paintings was sold outside the Kalighat Temple. [...]

Siddhendra Yogi was an exceptional scholar and artist of the 14th century AD. During the Bhakti Movement between 11th and the 13th century, the dance form of Kuchipudi saw a revolution. He adopted the existing format of the Yakshagna folk dance dramas and gave it a new form. This renowned scholar and artist took the initiative to give this dance form a more distinct form and elegance. Siddhendra Yogi incorporated the principles of dance of [...]