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From the amount of newsprint and daily discussions dedicated to cricket, it is not tough to identify India’s favorite sport! Even though hockey is the official Indian sport and football enjoys a fair degree of popularity, the Indian cricket team is the most loved, often despised and debated group of players in the subcontinent. Aside from cricket, football and hockey – Indians follow lawn tennis, badminton, athletics, weightlifting and boxing. Sports like car racing and [...]

Athletics is derived from the Greek word “athlon” which means contest. India has a long history of participation at International Track and Field events. The first Indian Olympiad was Norman Pritchard, an athlete who won two silvers in the 200 meters dash and 200 meters hurdles at the 1900 Paris Olympics. In later years, there have been successful athletes like Henry Rebello, the legendary “Flying Sikh” Milkha Singh who was post-independent India’s first official Olympic [...]