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Sher Shah Suri or Sher khan, was the founder of Sur dynasty in India. Born in 1486,he was the son of a jagirdar of Sasaram, Bihar. His original name was Farid. He left his home at the age of 15 and went to Jaunpur. There he studied Arabic and Persian languages. He had very good administrative skills as a result he was appointed by his father to manage his jagir, but due to some reasons [...]

Shah Jahan is in the first rank of Mughal rulers, he was a brave, intelligent, and a far-sighted leader. He is the son of Jahangir and grand son of Akbar. He had four sons Dara Shukoh, Shah Shuja, Murad Baksh and Aurangzeb and three daughters Jahanara, Roshanara and Gauharara. He had a strained relationship with his father Jahangir, the main reason for this was his father’s dependency on his extremely intelligent and shrewd wife Nur [...]

Razia Sultana was South Asia’s first female Muslim ruler and daughter of Iltutmush. She was talented, wise, brave, excellent administrator, and a great warrior. Razia Sultana was born in 1205. She belonged to the Turkish Seljuks ancestry. Like the Muslim princesses of the time, she received training in fighting, leading armies and also learned to administer kingdoms. She had all the qualities of an efficient ruler and was more competent than her brothers so Iltutmush [...]

Noor Jehan (1577-1645) was an empress who belonged to the great Mughal Dynasty. Noor Jehan was the favourite wife of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir. Her real name was Mehr-un-Nisaa, and she was born in 1597 in Kandahar, Afghanishtan, into a noble family from Persia, her grandfather serving the Shah Tahmasp I. Mihrunnisa was the fourth child of Mirza Ghias Beg and his wife, Asmat Begum, who was born after the family had migrated to India. [...]