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Maharashtra Location Map

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Maharashtra Location Map Maharashtra
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*Map Showing the location of the Maharashtra in India. Disclaimer

Maharashtra is located in the Deccan region of India. The Arabian Sea surrounds the entire western coast of the state. Mumbai is the capital city of the state, also, both the financial and the cinematic centre of the country. The very famous Bollywood, or the Indian Film Industry, is located in the city. Apart from this the state enjoys a year round tourist attention because of its diverse geographical features. The connectivity of the state, both from inside as well as from outside makes it the most well connected state of the country.
The state of Maharashtra is well connected with air, road and rail routes for getting inside the state and traveling around it. In Mumbai there is one international airport, the Sahar. There are domestic airports at all major cities like Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Solapur, Nagpur and Auranghabad. There are flights at regular intervals and the flight schedules are made which suite the visitors.

Traveling by rail, one can get there by taking a train to Mumbai, which has rail links with all the major cities of India. Mumbai, with three important stations, is the home to two of the Railway Zones in India. The state also has rail links between the cities as well as inside the cities.

Maharashtra has the best connectivity by road amongst all the Indian states. The capital city is well connected with all the important cities of the state with regular bus services. The bus services are provided by the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation or the MTDC. Apart from this there is an intra - city bus service provided by the Bombay Electric Supply and Transportation Undertaking or BEST.

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