Muhammad Bin Tughlaq Biography

Muhammad Bin Tughlaq Biography

Muhammad Bin Tughlaq was one of the most remarkable and interesting ruler of the Tughlaq dynasty. He introduced some remarkable administrative measures which although failed were very distinct and exemplary in nature.

Muhammad succeeded his father Ghiyat-al-Din Tughluq. He was a very knowledgeable person with deep knowledge in philosophy, logic, mathematics and medicine. He was well versed with several languages like Persian, Arabic, Turkish and even Sanskrit.

Many hospitals in Delhi were formed during his reign. He tried to bring in many changes and introduced some measures to support effective administration but unfortunately most of them failed. He shifted his capital to a more centralized position-to Deogiri from Delhi. This was done in order to control the Deccan region more effectively.

However this loosened the control over North India. Muhammad also increased the land tax to increase the revenue in Doab but it led to major discontent among the subjects. Muhammad took a very modern step in introducing bronze coins as the token currency. Nevertheless, the absence of a central mint created a huge problem as the Government was not able to prevent forgery of coins.

A severe plague broke out in the ranks of his army and half of the army succumbed to the epidemic. This resulted in the weakening of the empire to a good extent. His cousin Feroze Shah assumed his throne after his death.

Facts and Information about Muhammad bin Tughluq

Born1290 AD at Kotla Tolay Khan in Multan
DiedMarch 20, 1351 in Sindh, Pakistan
Nick NamePrince Fakhr Malik and Jauna Khan
WifeMarried to the daughter of the Raja of Dipalpur
FatherGhiyath al-Din Tughluq.
ReignedRuled Tughluq dynesty from 1325 AD to 1351 AD
PredecessorGhiyath al-Din Tughluq
SuccessorFiruz Shah Tughluq
TaxDuring his reign, Tughluq imposed heavy tax in the land between the Ganga and the Yamuna rivers.
CoinageHe introduced a new coin made of silver, the adlis, and increased the size of the existing gold dinar from 172 grains to 202 grains.
CampaignTughluq held campaigns against Prataparudra, the king of the Kakatiya dynasty
Most Famous RebellionsDeccan (1326, 1347), Mabar (1334), Bengal (1338), Gujarat (1345), and Sind (1350)
Capital TransferTransferred his capital in 1327 to Deogir (now Daulatabad)
BooksMuhammad Bin Tughluq by Cho Ramaswamy
MoviesMuhammad bin Tughluq', directed by Cho Ramaswamy and produced by Prestige Productions

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