Adi Godrej Biography

The co-founder and the managing director of the Godrej Group of companies, Adi Godrej, was born into a business family and left India at the age of 17 to study business management. He obtained both his bachelor’s and the master’s degree in management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and came back to India to join the family business.

Before Adi joined the family business, Godrej was into the manufacturing of locks and soaps. Adi made the management structure more systematic and modernized and initiated the process of improving the standards of the products. Even in the era of controlled economy, the company reached a high standard under the leadership of Adi Godrej.

Today, Godrej manufactures a wide range of products spanning from household products to locks, furniture and home appliances. The name itself has become synonymous with quality and commands a lot of faith from the consumers. Adi has made the best possible use of the process of globalisation in the country. The Godrej company has several offices and manufacturing units located in over fifty countries throughout the world. Adi is also a great supporter and well wisher of the World Wildlife Fund. The company has built a huge 150 acre mangrove forests in the township of Vikhroli in Mumbai apart from building a school for the children of the employees. The company has also built a management institute at Hyderabad.