Amar Bose Biography

The founder and chairman of the Bose Corporation, Amar Bose was born on November 2, 1929. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, his father, Nani Gopal Bose, was an Indian freedom fighter who had fled to the United States to avoid being persecuted by the British police in India. Amar Bose obtained a Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

During the World War II, Amar Bose took the help of some of his school friends and started repairing model trains and home radios to increase his family’s income. He went to Eindhoven, Netherlands where he spent a year. He then spent a year in India as a Fulbright student. Upon his return to MIT as an Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering, Bose invented a stereo loudspeaker with brilliant acoustic qualities.

He founded his company in 1964 and the rest is history. Today, the Bose Corporation is a byname for quality which manufactures top-end products for homes, cars professional audio systems and conducts basic research in acoustics, automotive systems and other areas. Amar Bose was a Professor of electrical engineering at MIT for many years until his retirement in Fall 2000.

He has earned many awards including the Inventor Of The Year award in 1997 and the Distinguished Service Citation in 2007. Amar Bose was listed on the 2006 Forbes 400 with an estimated net worth of $1.5 billion.