Ashok Hinduja Biography

Ashok Hinduja, the youngest of the Hinduja family, one of the most famous and wealthy business companies in the world, takes care of the Indian end of the family business. A man of 56, and a staunch believer in astrology, Ashok Hinduja can be rightly termed as a workaholic. He believes into the mantra that there is no shortcut to success and with the help of lucky stars, one can crack the jackpot.

Ashok Hinduja handles the various philanthropic and public services in India. Apart from that taking care of the Hinduja College, the strikingly modern and decorated Hinduja hospital is also his responsibility. Ashok Hinduja is one name that takes care of the Hinduja publications in India. The company mostly famous as the Hinduja Brothers, has its own structure of working, as it operates from the whole world at the same time.

He succeeded in impressing the business world , helping the Iranian government during the potato-onion crisis, that no business group has done before. AP as called by his friends and acquaintances, he surprised everyone by associating business relationships between India and Iran.

Ashok Hinduja was trained in business management while still in school. He joined his family business right after his graduation from Bombay university. In fact, among his brothers he was the youngest to join his family business. No tea, no aerated water, a strict vegetarian, Ashok Hinduja has an immense love for the Bombay film industry. His love for films passed on to his children, he has them associated with the Bombay Film industry. An avid fan of Amitabh Bachchan, he is known to have financed some of his films.

Ashok Hinduja’s business in India surrounds around Finance and banking, transport, energy, information technology, media and communications. The famous Ashok Leyland company we know is owned by Ashok himself,that has brought a revolution in transportation business.