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Srichand Hinduja Biography

Srichand Hinduja, born as the eldest among the Hinduja brothers of the Hinduja empire is considered to be the toughest man in business. The President of Europe Hinduja and Hinduja Foundations, Srichand Hinduja has his business interests in around 50 countries of the world. Shrewd, intelligent and desperate, he is now based in UK, from where he controls the large business empire founded by his father, who has once left Sindh to move to Iran to make a luck in business. Tough and controversial, he is known to be the man whose only attempt remains doubling their financial figure every couple of years. Though all guesses, their wealth is estimated to be around $8 Billion.

Srichand Hinduja and his brothers are talked of being not enough educated, as their weakness in reading and writing English becomes evident in their presence.

In spite of being a famous business tycoon, his personal life is ill fated as he stills struggles to combat the loss of his son. As he demands, the tragedy has made him inclined to his spiritual revelations through ‘Dharma’ and that slowly he is moving above the desire of earthly pleasure.

NRI Srichand Hinduja moved to London to Develop their father’s import and export business, along with his brother Gopichand Hinduja, which his father has started 86 years back. Now they have their money in the field of Global Finance, Tele- Communications, Film Industry and Oil Fields. Very secretive about their business strategies they are considered to be the 13th most richest people in the world. Srichand Hinduja boasts of a huge network of influential friends that includes the Shah Of Iran, George Bush Sr., Tony Blair, former U.S president Bill Clinton and Queen Elizabeth the second. Srichand Hinduja is well known for his support to the conservative and Labour party and his huge donations there. His donations for building Hindu temples and its decorations through out the world are well known.

A notorious character, his contribution of 1 million pound for the ill fated Millenium Dome over river Thames, had resulted into the resignation of UK minister Peter Mandelson. More controversially, since the year 1990, Srichand Hinduja along with his brothers, have been defending himself against the biggest ever bribery scam since after independence. He is accused of taking a large amount of money from a Swiss company Bofors, and persuade the then present Indian Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi, to buy 400 field guns from that company.

In spite of being involved in such big scams, Srichand Hinduja is well known for escaping the issues. However it might be, no one now expects him to see behind the bars. And that’s what makes him a charismatic businessman ever.